Multi-million dollar telemarketing scam dismantled by the RCMP


TORONTO, May 18 Investigators from the RCMPs Toronto North Detachment, Commercial Crime Section arrested the alleged leader of a sophisticated international telemarketing scheme based in the Toronto area. This investigation began in January of 2000 as a result of a complaint received from an alleged victim. The scam stemmed from the sale of gems and guaranteed profits that never materialized. Victims in this case are from all walks of life and from across the country. Investigators are still sifting through evidence seized as a result of several search warrants executed in relation to this case; however, over $5,000,000.00 have been identified as being obtained from victims, as a result of this scam.

            Charged with 23 counts of fraud is one:

            Richard Craig BRESLIN, age 54, of Bathurst Street, Thornhill, Ontario.

            Mr. BRESLIN has been remanded in custody pending a bail hearing in Ontario Court of Justice on May 18, 2001.

            A press conference is being held on this date at 11:00 a.m. at the RCMP Press Centre located at 25 St. Clair Ave E, suite 831, Toronto, Ontario. Further details relating to this investigation will be revealed and exhibits seized will be on hand for photo opportunities. Investigating officers from the RCMP will also be present to answer pertinent questions.




            The original complaint was received in January 2000 with victims throughout Canada and in Europe.

            The Modus Operandi employed was as follows:

-        Unsuspecting victims are contacted by Mr. BRESLIN.

-        He continuously contacts and pressures the victims to purchase gems.

-        Eventually the victims are induced to purchase the gems at a highly inflated price.

-        Victims are promised that the gems will be sold for a substantial profit.

-        Allegedly, these gems are found later to be worth only a fraction of the original purchase price.

-        It is alleged that Mr. BRESLIN later claims he has a buyer for the portfolio; however, the potential buyer wants more gems than presently exists in the victims portfolio; therefore, suggesting the victim purchase more gems to complete this sale.

-        The victim eventually makes these purchases with the expectation of an eminent sale as suggested by Mr. BRESLIN.

-        The supposed buyer and sale never materialize, thus leaving the victim with a larger portfolio of gems valued at approximately 1/10th of the purchase price.


The following companies were utilized by Mr. BRESLIN:


GEMTEC Manufacturing

Capital Management Services

Standard Brokers Ltd.

Global Management Services Inc.


            Mr. BRESLIN is suspected of using the following aliases:




Stanley BAXTER

Charles MARCH







       For further information: CST, Mike COTE, RCMP Media Relations Officer, at (905) 505-5200.