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Deadline for BU undergraduate, graduate and professional students is March 25

(Boston)   The Eleni Gatzoyiannis Scholarship at Boston University, which is
awarded to full-time BU students of Greek birth or ancestry, is open for
applications until March 25.  Applicants must have completed at least one
full semester of study at BU, have a strong academic record, and appreciable
financial need.  Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from any
of the university's schools and programs who fulfill the qualifications are
eligible to receive the scholarship.
The Scholarship was initiated and funded through the efforts of BU graduate
Nicholas Gage, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, and film
producer, as a memorial to his mother Eleni.  Her struggle and martyrdom
during the Greek Civil War, which allowed her three children to emigrate to
the United States to be with their father, was recounted in an award-winning
biography by Gage.  He went on to produce several major films, including The
Godfather, Part III, as well as the film version of his book, Eleni.
Nomination for these scholarships is not necessary; students need only fill
out and send in an application.
Following the March 25 deadline, all applications will be evaluated, and
qualified applicants will be interviewed on Monday, April 4, by a committee
consisting of Mr. Gage, a representative from the Office of Financial
Assistance, a representative from the International Students and Scholars
Office, and a faculty member who currently teaches Modern Greek.
For further information on the scholarship or to obtain an application,
contact Peter Gordy, Boston University Development and Alumni Relations, One
Sherborn Street, 7th floor, Boston, Mass. 02215 (617-353-6298).  Gordy may
also be reached by fax at 617- 353-6665 or by e-mail:

(Note to Editor:  A copy of the description of the scholarship and a copy of
the application form follow this release.)


The scholarship was established in late 1985 by Nicholas Gage, a 1963
graduate of the College of Communication at Boston University in loving
memory of his mother, Eleni Gatzoyiannis and in remembrance of her martyrdom
during the Greek Civil War, which allowed her three children to emigrate to
the United States, where their father was already living.  The story of this
martyrdom is told in Mr. Gage's book, Eleni, which he subsequently produced
as a Paramount motion picture of the same title.  An account of his life in
Massachusetts is found in the subsequent A Place for Us.  Since leaving
Boston University, Mr. Gage has had a distinguished career as a Pulitzer
Prize-winning journalist, the author of numerous works of non-fiction,
lecturer, and film producer.  The endowed scholarship is funded with gifts
from Mr. Gage, friends, Greek-American foundations, and Boston University
alumni, as well as with the proceeds from a special benefit screening of the
Paramount film, Eleni.

Who May Receive the Scholarship?
The Eleni Gatzoyiannis Scholarship is awarded to full-time Boston University
students of Greek birth or ancestry, who have completed at least one full
semester of study at this institution, who have a strong academic record at
the University (usually seen as a 3.00 cumulative grade-point average or
above), display appreciable financial need.  Undergraduate, graduate, and
professional students from any of Boston University's component schools and
programs who fulfill the aforementioned qualifications are eligible to
receive the scholarship.

How Does One Receive the Scholarship?
A. Complete and Submit a Written Application: The two-page application asks
for standard information about you as a student (name, college and home
addresses, school and date of graduation, student ID numbers), plus
information about your annual expenses for studying at Boston University and
the financial resources available for meeting your college costs (NOTE; This
information is kept strictly confidential and will be seen only by two
members of the selection committee, one of whom is an officer of Boston
University's Office of Financial Assistance).  Finally, a brief written
essay is required, in which the applicant includes any information which he
or she thinks relevant to his or her selection as a recipient of the
scholarship, plus a section on what being Greek means to the applicant.
B. Submit to an Interview: About 2 weeks after the application filing
deadline (usually a week or two before the end of second-semester classes),
the scholarship applicant meets with the four-member Selection Committee for
a 10-15-minute interview.  Committee members include Nicholas Gage, a
representative of the University's Office of Financial Assistance, the
Director of the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO), and the
instructor of the course in Modern Greek in the Department of Classical
Studies.  The interview, while required, is low-key and low-pressure,
serving as a means for Mr. Gage, with assistance from the other committee
members, to get to know the applicants better as individuals and receive
additional information to assess relative need of the various applicants.
Interviews are held on one date only, usually in the afternoon; every effort
is made to schedule applicants at a time convenient to them.  Decisions are
usually made immediately following the interview session, and letters
informing each applicant of the Committee's decision are normally sent out
the following morning.  Scholarships are normally credited directly to the
recipient's student account for the following Fall Semester.

Where Can One Find Applications for the Eleni Gatzoyiannis Scholarship?
The International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) usually mails
applications to all Greek international
students in early February.  Additionally, a small stock of applications is
available at the following locations:
CAS-GRS Department of Classical Studies, 745 Commonwealth Avenue
Office of Development and Alumni Relations, 599 Commonwealth Avenue, 7th
floor, receptionist's desk
(Use the West Entrance and elevators of the SMG Building on Sherborn Street)
ISSO, 19 Deerfield Street, 2nd Floor

Scholarship Application for the 2003-2004 Academic Year

About the Scholarship, Founder, and Namesake

This endowed scholarship is a gift of Nicholas Gage, DGE '61, COM '63, HON
'85, journalist and author, as well as of members of his family and friends.
The proceeds from a benefit screening of a feature film made on the basis of
one of Mr. Gage's books, Eleni, enhanced the principal corpus of the
scholarship fund, which was established in 1985.

The fund honors the memory of Mr. Gage's mother, Eleni Gatzoyiannis, a
portion of whose life is depicted in Mr. Gage's prize-winning biography,
Eleni, and the subsequent feature film of the same title.  The scholarship
is a memorial to the life of Eleni Gatzoyiannis and, in particular, her
struggle and martyrdom to protect her children's lives and to secure their
freedom against Communist guerrillas during the Greek Civil War and her
death at the guerrillas' hands.

The scholarship is self-nominating, i.e., interested students must complete
and submit an application.  Undergraduate or graduate/professional full-time
students of Greek ancestry or birth at Boston University are eligible to
apply.  Applicants must have completed at least one semester of study at the
University, be in good academic standing, and have demonstrated financial
need.  A committee composed of representatives of the International Students
and Scholars and Financial Assistance Offices at the University, a faculty
member teaching Modern Greek, and Mr. Gage, himself, selects recipients on
the basis of applicants written applications and a personal interview.

All applicants receive notification in writing as to the decision of the
Selection Committee.

Please return completed application by mail or in person no later than March
27, 2003 to:
  International Students and Scholars Office, 19 Deerfield Street, 2nd
Floor, Boston, MA  02215
  Office of Development and Alumni Relations, One Sherborn Street, 7th
Floor, Boston, MA  02215
or by fax to  (617) 353-6665, ATTENTION: Peter Gordy

To be eligible you must be a full-time student of Greek birth or ancestry
from any college at Boston University regardless of citizenship or religion.
You must have completed one semester at Boston University and have a
demonstrated need.

Please complete and return this application to the International Students
and Scholars Office, 2nd Floor, 19 Deerfield Street or The Office of
Development and Alumni Relations, One Sherborn Street, 7th Floor
(Receptionist's Desk) by Friday, March 25, 2003.    Selection will be made
within two to three weeks following deadline.

Social Security No. ___________________________   and/or B.U. ID  Number

Family First Middle Initial
Number Street City/Town State  ZIP Code

Local Telephone  _________________        Local address? From
________________ To   _______________

What period of time can you be reached at local address?

Permanent Address_____________________________________________
  Number/Street  City/Town    State ZIP/Postal Code    Country

Permanent Tel. No. _________________________       Date of Birth

In what School/College are you registered this semester?

In what School/College will you be registered next semester?

Number of credit hours for which you are enrolled this semester?

Number of  credit hours for which you will be enrolled next semester?

Country of Citizenship ________________________________Visa Classification
__     ___________________

What is your field of interest? ________________________________  Your major

When will you graduate MO/YR?                               What degree will
you receive?  ___________________

Are you currently receiving financial assistance? Yes          No         .
If yes, please list all sources, including Boston University, from which you
have been granted a scholarship or loan assistance up to the time of this
Please include the amount for each year, and the number of years this
assistance will be granted to you.
(continued on reverse side)

Have you filed a financial aid form for the coming academic year? Yes
No  ____


Refer to catalog, Boston University website
(,) or ISSO
estimate of expenses for tuition, fees and residence hall charges.

Amount to be contributed by
parents or guardian ______________ Tuition _______________

Summer Earnings ______________ Fees _______________

Earnings during the  ______________ Books & Supplies ______________
school year
  Board (Food) ______________

Personal Savings ______________ Room ______________

Loans ______________ Recreation ______________

Veteran Benefits  ______________ Personal ______________

Social Security ______________ Travel   ______________

Other Sources  ______________ Other ______________

TOTAL    ________________ TOTAL   ________________

Please accompany this application with a typed letter providing any
information which you think would be helpful to the Committee in making its
decision.  For example, you could include school, community and other extra
curricular activities in which you have been involved.  You could describe
any work experience you might have had and/or your career goals and future
aspirations.  Finally, please state what being Greek or of Greek ancestry
means to you.  Thank you.  If you have any questions contact Jane Rosenberg
or Jeanne Kelley at ISSO,  telephone:  (617)353-3565.

I certify that I am a full-time student and will remain in full time status
for the period covered by this scholarship.  Further, I certify that all
statements and information provided in this application are true to the best
of my knowledge and that I will use the proceeds of any aid awarded only for
the payment of tuition and required fees; board and room, or similar living
expenses; for instructional equipment, materials, and books; and for other
college related expenses.

Signed ______________________________________ Date ______________

For OFA Office Use Only

1.  Need determined by the Financial Aid Form             $
2.  Financial Aid form on file?                   Yes                  No
3.  Decision made by Committee:
               Award of $                         No Award  ______________